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I'm so glad you've stopped by our amazing space here at Trinity Marketing Studio! I would love to give you a little background info. about my story. I graduated from the University of Alabama and worked professionally in retail management and healthcare. In 2017, I decided to learn more about church ministry and began my education at Highlands College while working full-time. I graduated HC in 2018, and continued working full-time in healthcare.


I've always loved art and design so in 2021, I decided to establish a new career in graphic design and social media marketing. This arena of work perfectly blends my love for design, networking, and serving others in our community! I absolutely love helping clients reach their business goals with our marketing approach and I'm excited to help bring your vision into realty too!


The talented staff at TMS believes in working hard each day to enrich the lives of those around us with our creativity, quality production, and resources. We're able to do this by specializing in graphics, web design, marketing, branding, and social media. The growth and success of the businesses we represent are our top priority. Our dedicated team works hard to ensure that clients continue to reach their goals under our care


Our team is so excited about the opportunity to work beside you and promote your brand. We would love to chat with you about your business goals and how we can help you accomplish them!

Debbie Little, CEO & Founder

Trinity Marketing Studio


CEO & Founder

Meet Debbie Little